Custom email template

by Eelco Wiersma

You can setup a custom email template in your email channel settings.

  1. Go to your settings page
  2. Click on the shop you want to edit
  3. Choose email in the channels menu
  4. Click Edit custom template

Once you're done editing, save the template and go back.

  1. Set default email template to custom

Editing the template

Templates are written in HTML, all HTML tags are supported.

Your HTML needs to be valid before it can be saved. The editor will notify you about any issues and you can see a live preview while editing.

HTML tags need to be closed correctly, for example: <p>{{user.firstName</p> or <br /> for a new line.

For more information you can check out this guide.

Supported template tags

You can use these tags to make your email more personal.

Don't forgot to include {{message}} otherwise your emails will be empty.

{{message}}The message
{{user.firstName}}First name of the sender
{{user.lastName}}Last name of the sender
{{customer.firstName}}First name of the recipient
{{customer.lastName}}Last name of the recipient
{{}}Name of your shop
{{shop.url}}Url of your shop